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Blue Ridge Properties has compiled this list of tips to help with all of your real estate needs from staging and styling to sell your home fast to ensuring you get the best deal as a home buyer:

A Lesson In Ladder Safety

Whether you're cleaning windows, applying a fresh coat of paint, removing leaves and other debris from you gutters or hanging decorations, it's wise to use caution when working on a ladder.
Each year there are more than 130,000 emergency room visits caused by ladder related injuries due to instability, electrical shock or falls. Make sure you stay safe as you work around the house by keeping the following precautions from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in mind:
• Never stand on the top step.
• Always follow the three point rule: keep three points of contact with the ladder at all times, preferably two feet and one hand.
• Keep your body centered between the ladder rails at all times; don't lean so far to one side while working that you risk losing your balance.
• Never use a folding ladder in its closed position. Make sure that it is security spread open.
• Straight or extension ladders should be set up at 75 degree angle for maximum stability.
• Do not place a ladder in front of an unlocked door or passageway that is not blocked or guarded.
• Be sure all locks on extension ladders are securely fastened.
• Never leave a ladder unattended.
• Follow all manufacturers' instructions.

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