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Blue Ridge Properties has compiled this list of tips to help with all of your real estate needs from staging and styling to sell your home fast to ensuring you get the best deal as a home buyer:

Beautify your Bookshelves

Bookshelves have a tendency to collect not only books, but also papers, odds and ends, and dust. But designed creatively, they can make an attractive statement in your home. suggests these ways to brighten up your bookshelves.

Go Monochromatic.
Take the jumbled look out of books by making them look more uniform. Organize them by color or size, or turn their spines to the back so only the pages are visible.

Change Direction
Libraries place their books on the shelf vertically, but you don't have to. Make a few horizontal stacks of books to offer more than one look.

Decorate the back
The backs of shelves are an interesting place for color or design to shine through. Don't be afraid to paint the backs or cover them with colorful contact paper to add texture and depth.

Add interesting Objects
Mix in some non-book items to add variety and interest to your shelves. Decorative pieces, favorite souvenirs, plants, and framed pictures will give your bookshelves more personality.

Let objects breathe.
Don't cram your shelves with every book and collectible your own. Allow for empty space so your items don't look haphazard and cluttered.

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